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Terra Title is operated and managed by attorneys Steven R. Amster and Paul D. Gottfried who, along with Sabrina Gomez, bring a combined 70 years of experience handling residential and commercial transactions throughout the State of Florida. They are always available to assist you by answering any questions that you may have regarding your transaction and can participate in some of the more complex real estate deals.

Terra Title is staffed with highly trained, motivated, and experienced closing professionals who efficiently handle and close real estate transactions, while making the closing experience pleasurable for everyone involved. Our settlement department is fully automated with state of the art systems, which improves efficiency and speeds up the closing process.

Staying on top of the ever changing federal, state and local laws that regulate the title insurance and settlement services industries is a top priority for Terra Title. Terra Title takes pride in its memberships with national and state organizations that help regulate, grow, and improve our industry.

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