Buyers & Borrowers

Title Services for Homeowners

If you are looking to sell, buy, refinance or re-title your property, Terra Title can help. Many homeowners and borrowers are unaware that they have the right to choose their own title company. Some lenders may request that you use a title company it finds acceptable and it may recommend some, but usually you have a choice in the matter. In some states it is actually illegal for your lender to do this.

Customer Oriented

At Terra Title, we pride ourselves on our superior customer service. We understand that you aren’t a real estate professional and that the settlement process can be quite intimidating. This is why we have an accomplished staff with over 70 years of combined experience ready to assist you and your real estate advisors. We’re prepared to answer all of your questions and concerns and guide you every step of the way.


We understand that you are very busy and you have other equally or more important things to handle in your life. Because of this, Terra Title conducts settlements at any time of the day or night. We’ll even come to your home, office or another location of your choice, if necessary, to accommodate you all in an effort to get your transaction closed.


At Terra Title, our years of experience and expertise give us the ability to handle any problem or issue that we encounter. We’ve dealt with government programs like FHA loans, federal loans, and other state programs so we know what to do. We’ve encountered a variety of different clients too – some have sold and bought homes before while others haven’t. We know how to deal with each of these types of people and how to make the title process easy and comfortable for all.

We Can Help You

Our dedicated and experienced staff can help you with any title related service. We’re ready at any time to answer questions and will work with your schedule to make the process as convenient as possible.

Lets Prepare for your Closing

Please complete the online Buyer’s Intake Form. It is important that you complete the form below as quickly and accurately as possible. If you would rather complete off-line, you can download the Buyer’s Intake form.

Checklist for the Prepared Buyer

It’s Closing Time-Preparing for your Closing

As soon as we receive the CTC (“Clear to Close”) from your lender, we will contact you to schedule a closing date and time.


We will need all parties and their spouses to come to closing and bring photo identification (current and not expired passport, driver's license, or state-issued identification card)

Proof of Homeowners insurance

The declaration page and a copy of a paid receipt. If you are getting a loan most lenders will need you to provide this proof of insurance and a paid receipt to them prior to scheduling your closing with us.

Closing Funds

Be sure you have made arrangements for your funds to be accessible prior to the closing date. Wired funds will be required for any amount needed for your closing. Your closing coordinator will provide you with our wire transfer information upon telephonic request.

Association Approval

If you are buying a property that is part of a condominium or homeowners association, you will need to provide us with your approval prior to closing. The original approval should be brought with you to closing.

Additional Documents

Any additional documentation that your lender and/or Terra Title has requested that you provide at closing.

Forms and Helpful Resources