Real Estate Listing Folder

Stay organized with Terra Title's preprinted Real Estate Listing Folders. These folders are designed to meet the organizational needs of Realtors and agents:

  • Preprinted headings that will keep track of showings, advertisements, contract deadlines and more.
  • Can be used both for the listing and selling side of any transaction.
  • Plenty of room inside to hold important documents.
  • Closing checklist to ensure that your transaction accurately progresses towards closing.
  • Maintain a list of all parties to the transaction along with their contact information.
  • Professional layout and appearance.

There is no better way to keep organized and on top of my real estate transactions then using Terra Title’s Real Estate Listing Folder. All agents in my office feel the same way when it comes to managing their real estate transaction. It is simply an invaluable tool for any real estate participant.

Brad Tillem
Progressive Florida Realty, Inc.

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