Title Insurance paid by:
Is the Property Located in Miami Dade County:
Real Estate Commission:
Is this there a Condominium or Home-owner's association?



Real Estate Commission:
Broker Transaction Fee:
* Owner’s Title Insurance Policy:
Lender’s Title Insurance Policy (simultaneous):
FF 9 Title Endorsement:
Alta Title Endorsement(Estimated):
* Title Search/Update:
Municipal Lien Search Fee:
Settlement fee:
Documentary stamp Tax (Deed):
Documentary stamp Tax (Mtg):
Intangible Tax On Note:
Recording fees(estimated):

Other Closing Related Expenses:

HOA/COA Application Fee:
HOA/COA Estoppel Fee:
Termite/Roof inspections:
Property inspection:
Contract Closing Credit:
Miscellaneous Fee:
(i.e.Wire Transfer, FedEx, Copies)

If you selling a home or other property, this calculator will give you an estimate of your net proceeds after deducting closing costs and mortgage payoffs involved in selling your property

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Does the Seller pay for Title Insurance?
Is the Property Located in Miami Dade County?
Real Estate Commission:
Is this there a Condominium or Home-owner's association?
Does the Miami-Dade County Surtax apply?
Closing Date:
Sale Price:
Broker Transaction Fee:
Deed Stamps:
Miami-Dade Surtax:
Title Insurance:
Title Search:
Settlement Fee:
Current Taxes:
COA/HOAssociation Estoppel Request:
1st Mortgage Payoff:
2nd Mortgage Payoff:
Lien Search Fee:
(i.e.Recorinding, FedEx, Copies, Courier)
Seller Contribution or Credit to Buyer (i,e. FHA/VA Non-Allowables, Repair Credit, etc.):

NOTE: The results of these calculators should be used for the purpose of estimation only. Please contact Terra Title for a specific quote for your transaction.


The payment of closing costs is negotiated in the sales contract. In most Florida counties, the seller pays for the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy and chooses the title/closing company. In Miami-Dade, Broward, Sarasota and Collier counties, the buyer generally pays for title insurance and chooses the title/closing company.

The Title Calculator is a user-friendly online resource for our customers to obtain estimates for certain categories of settlement related costs. Terra Title does not represent that this estimate is the final rate to be charged at closing. There may be third party charges required by your lender and the underwriter, such as surveys, termite, inspections, community association estoppels and approval letters. All estimates obtained through use of this calculator are dependent upon the accuracy of the information entered into the calculator. Please contact Terra Title to confirm your quote.

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